For the Love of Paper // DIY Valentine // To the Moon and Back

For the Love of Paper // DIY Valentine // To the Moon and Back
DIY Valentine // 16x20 // Hubble Telescope Image // Diecut Typography
This is the valentine I gave Ray using an actual image from the Hubble Telescope. ♥

After downloading the image here, I printed it B+W and attached a diecut message reading "I Love You to the Moon and Back". Some of the photographs in the Hubble gallery are super large and can be made into huge murals, but I just printed mine 16x20 using 4 letter-sized sheets of paper.

Infant Stars in the Small Magnetic Cloud // Printed B&W
The text is made from cardstock I cut with my Silhouette Cameo and it's held in place with double-sided tape. The peach colored washi tape you see was actually used to cover up a few botched cuts in the lettering.

I had some major Silhouette issues and was lucky to have washi tape in the exact color as my cardstock!

I did some troubleshooting on the web and there are a number of things I can address, apart from the obvious blade and/or mat replacement. I'm going to try an Alene's Tacky Glue hack tomorrow and post an update . . . hopefully, it's nothing more serious!


  1. Dear Maria,

    lovely little surprise! I'd really like to know where you got the lettering from. What font is that or where can I find it?
    Thank you and all the best!


  2. Thanks Nina!

    The name of the font is Jacques & Gilles. If you're looking for a free font, I think these would have been nice substituions for this project:

    brush-tip Terrance
    I'm Fashionista