Video Tutorial // My Print & Cut Workflow // How to Use My Photoshop Template and Action Set

Hello! Back again with a video on how to use the Photoshop template and action set I shared earlier today. I hope they help out with your Holiday crafting this month!

Great Tutorials for Silhouette Beginners Here and Here
My Favorite PS Scripts

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  1. great tutorial! i have a very similar workflow, but i still got good tipps from it! thanks especially for the template. is there a reason why the mask is red and not black? i also share on my blog photoshop scripts for scrapbookers (i just started). A script for positioning the different files on one paper is on my files-to-upload-list too. But now i need to change it to fit your template, i haven't even thought about including a template direclty in photoshop. I just sized my paper down in silhouette to fit, but this way it is much better! so easy and so clever!